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I am so glad you are here! Curious about counseling for yourself or your child? Don't be afraid to send me a message and we can schedule a time to talk about finding you the appropriate therapist that fits your goals best. 

Better Tomorrow Therapy uses evidence-based therapy methods to help clients navigate through life.


Individual Therapy

Children (10 and up): Specializing in Mild Anxiety, Mild Depression, ADHD, Self Esteem issues, and Family Adjustments (Parents are asked to participate in sessions regularly.)

Teens: Specializing in Mild Anxiety, Mild Depression, Self Esteem issues, Teen Pregnancy and Teen Parenting 

Adults: Specializing in Mild Anxiety, Mild Depression, Parenting Stressors. 


$145 dollars for a full session. Currently not accepting insurance but can provide a Superbill for you to provide to your health insurance. More details will be provided during consultation. 

Reach out to join the waitlist for available spots in November 2021 

Please contact me for a free consultation to see if Better Tomorrow Therapy is the right fit for you! If needed you will be referred to another therapist who may have different training or specialties best suited for your needs. Counseling sessions can take place virtually or in person. I look forward to working with you in a safe and non-judgmental space.

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