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Caregiver Parents

Families can be both filled with love and still experience difficult confusing feelings. Parents caring for children with special needs have a unique parenthood experience. Fear for your child's future: Will they be bullied? Get married? Will they be independent? Who takes care of them if I pass away? Will my other child(ren) help my special needs child? Is my child truly happy? Am I supposed to be doing more services / therapies? Should the school be doing something else with the IEP? Caregiver Parents juggle many responsibilities that typical parents don't experience. 

Often many parents don't ask for support and hide their feelings out of fear that they may look like they don't love their children. However, the truth is that being healthy by processing your feelings and navigating through the stress can bring the best version of yourself which will make an easier and happier parenting journey. Our society has ignored the mental health of parents who are caregiving for their disabled child. Research shows a strong connection between parent emotional wellbeing having an impact on the family. 


Super Sibling

The siblings of a special needs child can often experience many feelings due confusing circumstances in the family. Many have shared nearly feeling forgotten. Some have shared feeling resentful about the amount of attention from parents. Some feel they are given too much responsibility and feel pressure to be young caretakers.

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Be the first to hear when spots open up this November 2021. The Super Parents and Super Siblings are welcomed to openly process feelings in a safe and non-judgmental space.



$145 dollars for a full session. Currently not accepting insurance but in 2022 will be taking BCBS-SC (pending approval). More details will be provided at the first appointment during intake.